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Bob Krawczyk

Thanks so much for your introduction to Tokyo architecture and links, I am hoping to be in Tokyo in 2007 and this is an extremely useful guide for me.

Ray Kinnane

No problem, Bob. There are so many fine examples of modern buildings in Tokyo that you will be more than satisfied. My favourite is the Tokyo International Forum building. Please don't miss it, day and evening. Thanks for visiting.

frank graham

fascinating exhibit of modern architecture in tokyo - i love the capsule, dior and asahi buildings. very different from anywhere else in the world!

Ray Kinnane

Thanks for visiting, Frank. Yes, Tokyo sure has a great assemblage of modern buildings. And one excellent feature of Tokyo architecture is that they value contributions from architects from all over the world.

Al Zelver

Thanks for your site.
I plan to be in Tokyo for five days in September. The first time since I served in The Occupation in 1946, immediately after the end of WWW II.

With only five days, what 5 or 10 modern buildings would you recommend that I must see?


Hello, great post and photos~!
will be going to Tokyo next May if things go well around my place~!

Seems that most buildings in Roppongi is the latest of contemporary..

The older ones look 60's-70's post-modern, don't you think? Have yet to see it~!

your keyword: messiness


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